About Me

Convocation day!

I am a recent graduate from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. I am looking for software development work in Vancouver BC.

I like to play with:

  • 3D Graphics with OpenGL (Java, using LWJGL)
  • Game Development with Unity (C#)
  • Web Development with Django

My Projects


Logbook written for Hamilton Hops & Grapes in Victoria, BC
Django (Python)

While working at a wine-making store in Victoria called Hamilton Hops and Grapes, I found an opportunity to use my development skills to make huge improvements to the workflow in the on-site brewing section of the store where I worked.

I developed a web app which I called “The Logbook” to allow staff to more efficiently track beer and wine made on-site. This made a huge improvement over the pen-and-paper system we were using previously. The Logbook includes features like customer history, and task lists for staff such as filtering products and making phone calls to customers to schedule bottling appointments.

The Logbook was originally written from scratch in PHP, a little bit of jQuery, Bootstrap 3 CSS, and MySQL for the database. I have since rewritten it with Django, and some Vue.js for the more complicated parts of the app such as adding log entries. The web app is still in use today with excellent reviews from staff and customers at Hamilton Hops, and I am still actively maintaining it.

I encourage you to check out the live demo at alexjmohr.com:8000 using the login details below:

Username: demo
Password: demodemo

3D Graphics

This is my hobby project written in Java and OpenGL using LWJGL 3. The source code available here: github.com/alexjmohr/graphics.